KOTLL related information links

A short story entitled, "Legend of the Keepers" by David Berg the creator of KOTLL

A synopsis of the KOTLL DM interface (log on to view... sorry DM's ONLY!)

A brief discussion on using KOTLL's Request System to locate a group of players to join

A synopsis of the KOTLL Player interface and how to use it in game play

An overview of current online rpg chat systems


Wikipedia home site for the acronym KOTLL

RPG Characters An incredible search tool from KOTLL listing tens of thousands of online character sheets
FAQ about KOTLL A List of frequently asked questions about KOTLL
We Recommend A few gaming items no one should be without

RPG related information links

Wizard of the Coasts SRD 3.5 information

An html based SRD reference based on the Open Gaming license courtesy of Andargor

A clever little character sheet generator which outputs to HTML. Its free and amazingly cool!

A great resource for free audio file to play in your KOTLL gaming sessions

A great resource for male avatar/character images

A great resource for female avatar/character images


KOTLL player's web sites

Barroks Tower

An excellent web site with active PBP groups and great user created content

The site of a top-notch and very unique d20 system. You really should check this out!

A creative web site posting terrific story content and providing free forums for local DM's








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