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Welcome fellow RPG player! You have found the KOTLL web service. The goal of KOTLL is to enable gamers from around the world to play rpg games together and make the most out of their RPG experience.

This service is the ultimate in online RPG chat systems. It is the King of online rpg virtual tabletop systems. KOTLL is designed to let you play your favorite RPG games online in a truly interactive role-playing environment. It supports any RPG game genera you play. Whether you’re a Hero, Dungeons & Dragons, D20, or White Wolf campaign player, you will find this service able to recreate nearly every aspect of the tabletop gaming environment that you are accustom to using.

KOTLL provides outstanding resources for DM's and players. We host many right here and constantly scour the web for new ones. We are committed to being your complete RPG gaming resource. Whether its our comprehensive D20 SRD guide, our search tool listing tens of thousands of character sheets, our incredible chat interface, or one of our other specially crafted tools, you'll find our resources top notch.

KOTLL's outstanding functionality and interoperability will turn your online gaming experience into more than any tabletop game could ever hope to deliver. KOTLL expands GM/DM’s creative abilities and makes RPG playing more entertaining for all. With its integrated dice rolling, mapping components, and advanced audio and video displays, KOTLL makes old fashioned PBEM, IRC, and other chat systems obsolete. It’s not the RPG Chat you have become used to using. It is the future of role-playing.


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